Interview: Colleen Hoover

colleenColleen Hoover is the New York Times bestselling author of two novels, Slammed and Point of Retreat. Colleen lives in Texas with her husband and their three boys (Simon & Schuster biography).

Q. For our readers who may not have heard of you, tell us a bit about yourself.
First and foremost, I am a mom to three of the sweetest and meanest boys. They are 7, 9 and 11. I’ve been married to my husband for 12 years. I just started writing last year, and what a year it’s been.

Q. As a first-time author, how many projects and stories did you discard along the way to Slammed?
Slammed was actually the first real attempt I ever made at writing a book. I would write silly stories and poems for friends, but nothing more than that.

Q. Who is the biggest literary influence in your life?
I have some really close writer friends that are huge influences in my life. To get where I’ve been in less than ten months takes more than just one person. Without their support and having paved the way before me, I would have no idea what the hell I was doing.

Q. Which of your characters would you like to meet in person and why?
I would love to meet Will, of course. But I would feel bad for wanting to steal him away from Lake.

Q. Is anything in Slammed or Point of Retreat based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?
It was mostly imagination. The snow man scene actually happened with my own kids, though. It rarely snows in Texas, and when it does it isn’t good enough snow to build a nice snowman. They made one on that was lying on the ground in front of my car tire. They poured red Kool-Aid all over it and made it look like an accident. It was hilarious, I couldn’t not include it.

Q. The slam poetry incorporated into your novel has been praised. What sort of process went into the creation of such poetry?
There wasn’t really a process to it. I would write a scene, then write the poem that I thought would fit best in the scene. I remember the pink balloon poem I wrote on my lunch break at work. I think slam poetry is a beautiful art, but at the same time actual slam poets use a style that is incredibly poetic and beautiful. I tried to capture as much of it as I could, but it’s hard to put something on paper that should be performed live.
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